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LogyOnFire.com high quality vinyl stickers and excellent quality pin badges. support the beardy skull on your bag or jacket with these great pins and badges 

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Made by the Belfast Beard Oil Company

Logy beard oil has been designed to protect and look after your beard as well as smelling great. 

Inspired by the Legend of Logy, the mystical Irish fire breathing beardsman with one of the hardest working beards in the business. Weather setting him self on fire, Juggling axes or just dandering to the shops keeps his face looking bold and beardly beautiful.

 Our most manly of scents. It is earthy yet creamy.


Grapeseed oil
Sweet almond oil
Jojobo oil
Hemp oil
Essential oils

Essential Oils:


Allergens:  none 

10ml Beard oil 


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30ml bottles available from here

Badge and Stickers


Two stickers and one pin badge

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LOGY Beard Oil