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Two Flaming Idiots

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​​​Captain Logy Morgan 

This gentleman explorer of the new worlds has travelled far and wide to discover new skills, tall tails and sea shanty or two. On his adventures he has sailed with Pirates, met Vikings, learnt the ways of the Fakir and escaped from a French hospital. Never forgetting his Victorian era gentleman sensibility. This show is full of juggling, comedy, a tad of danger...  Maybe a lot of danger. 
Be warned you may even learn a thing or two.​

Also available for walkabout


Fire Shows

Logy is One of the top Fire Performers in N.Ireland
Fire performances are a spectacular addition to a wide range of events. Fire performances create a wow factor ambiance and can be performed in a wide variety of ways including, high impact stage shows, street show style, meet & greet and as a background entertainment. A variety of fire skills are performed which can include fire eating, body burning, poi, juggling, fire diabolo, fire breathing, angle grinding, devil stick and N.Irelands only fire whip performer. 

can be tailored to your event and needs.

Chef Logy Lustig

 After being fired from his job as head chef at Subway because of his questionable cooking techniques, Chef Lustig has taken the task of sharing his cooking with the world. Join Logy in this fantastic show as he performs dangerous knife tricks, ear splitting whip cracks, and a wee bit of potato juggling, all in preparation for the main course, a death-defying balance act in which Chef Lustig could be flambeed. With plenty of crowd participation (along with some terrible food related puns) this show will leave you hungry  for more! (see what we did there? , that was just a taster)

Also available for walkabout

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The Sharp Dressed Men

Two Flaming Idiots

A double act consisting of the kilted Dr Nick and Mr Logy Danger Lockhart the Two Flaming Idiots are a fun filled family friendly show that is full of Danger, Stupidity and stupidly dangerous stuff. Whether its performing their famous plate dance, blind folded juggling or jumping off a 9 foot tall three wheeled unicycle with a flaming sledge hammer to smash a concrete slab resting on one of them as they lie on a bed filled with over 500  7 inch nails, you'll love their comedy styles and crazy tricks

Mr Logy


This Giant gentleman stands at over 10 feet tall, Logy Lockhart a classic gentleman, very polite and charming. With a beard as long as his legs he can hold doors, conversations but sadly not a tune. A Great addition to any event.

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on Sideshow Shows

Archie Ashclear 

Cap on, braces up and brushes at the ready! Standing at over 10 feet tall this tone deaf Chimney Sweep will regale you with tales of the old days, sing terrible Christmas Carols tho he may forget a word or two and clear the way for Santa's coming this year. A great interactive character for any event, 

Also available for Gutters and windows

'Clearing the way for Santa!' 

​​The Sharp Dressed Men 

The Sharp Dressed Men are a double act featuring the talents of two well turned-out young men going by the names,  Glenn and Logy. They will amaze and astound you while performing high skill object manipulation, gravity deffying diabolo tricks, thunderous whip cracking, dangerous juggling and a  fiery finale performed 10 feet in the air! With plenty of audience participation and their unique style of comedy, these lads will help to raise the energy of any event. This 35 min show is family friendly and  full of laughter and fun. You'll find yourself clapping, cheering, ohhing, ahhhing and making other such noises!

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Profesor Logy

Profesor Logy is on a one-man mission for science to cure the baldness of the faces of every man, woman, and child. Also armed with an array of skills, props, and unresearched facts, this Excentric Scientist can be found on foot or stilts great to add some fun energy to any event, For Science! 

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Sideshow oddity

With skills of, Knife and axe throwing, angle grinding, fire eating and breathing, body burning, beds of nails, walking on glass, whip cracking,  strait jackets , balancing on blades, Irish handcuffs, human block head and contortion. Logy can dazzle and freak out audiences with an array of sideshow and freak show styled acts, all with plenty of humor into the mix. 

​Perfect for cabaret 

​can be tailored to your event and needs.

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​​​Logy On Fire!! 

Join Bearded Belfast based international street performer Logy as he pulls tricks, jokes and danger from his flight cases. This interactive, high skilled, rock n roll family friendly show is full of skillful object manipulation, bringing traditional vaudeville and parlor tricks to you with a comedy twist and new age style. Playing with fire, whips and possible lacerations, Climaxing in a perilous display of equilibrium and custom made razor sharp unique object juggling like you have never seen before! This show is Raw, Rock'n and full of Danger.  With plenty of audience participation and his unique style of comedy, Logy will help to raise the energy of any event. 

Also available for walkabout

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